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test2 From Jean-Marie in 1850 to Edouard today, each generation of Labruyere involved in the family business shared the same passion of wines and terroir. Owner of the best vineyards in Moulin-a-Vent for more than a century, Jean-Pierre, Edouard’s father, wanted to spread out into other wine regions. He acquired Domaine Jacques Prieur in Meursault, Burgundy, in 1988 followed by Chateau Rouget in Pomerol in 1992. Always with the same commitment, and the same desire to revive forgotten vineyards and to produce outstanding icon wines. This entrepreneurial spirit is the backbone of the Family.      






At Domaine Labruyere, the team includes Edouard Labruyere, Nadine Gublin (winemaker) and Michel Rovere (vineyard manager). Thanks to their hard work, they are bringing the estate to the forefront of the Moulin-a-Vent appellation.

At Chateau Rouget, Edouard is assisted by Michel Rolland (consultant winemaker) and Antoine Ribeiro (estate manager) with the objective to produce the best wines of Pomerol.

At Domaine Jacques Prieur, Edouard is also supported by Nadine Gublin in his quest to produce the best Chardonnay and Pinot Noir worldwide, notably with Daniel Godefroy’s help (vineyard manager).

At Champagne Grand Cru J.M. Labruyère, Vincent Van Waesberghe, supported by Nadine Gublin, leads a team dedicated to the unique crafting of Champagne’s terroirs.  

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